Mar. 17th, 2013

tropiavera: (my blood is radioactive)
+ blaaaah, this week: my boss asked that I come in early tomorrow*, which is funny because I was already planning to come in early to finish a project. Double-early on a Monday, awesome stuff.

+ I think I've finally gotten through the section of my Netflix queue where I decided to get into classic movies. I'm excited for whatever the next random phase I was in, I'm guessing about 15 months ago. I'm hoping for a mid-90s renaissance period.

+ My car is slowly but surely falling apart: right now it acknowledges that it has a functioning CD player, like, 30% of the time. Most mornings it plays 20 seconds of a song and then starts skipping so aggressively that I debate pulling over and debate beating it with my shoe, which is nice, because it saves my coffee for until I actually get into the office.

+ Wow, this sounds like a bummer. I actually had a very nice week! Ran 12.5 miles (total)! Last weekend I drove up to Toronto and ate everything, please adopt me, Canadians at large. Bought some incredibly, magnificently hideous plaid shorts in order to psych myself up for spring; it's almost working.

*"I don't want to ask you to come in early, but could you come in at 8?"


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