Apr. 14th, 2013

tropiavera: skins kids running through a field (life can always start up anew)
I feel so behind on everything, all the time. My boss gave me the nicest possible talking-to about my forgetting to send some documents before a meeting he had, but it was still, ugh. After forgetting my debit card while getting coffee (recovered several hours later) and leaving my phone at a restaurant (recovered within the hour), I had a personal come to jesus evaluation with myself, but it still makes me feel like an alien with tunnel vision all the time.

* We went to a wedding in Chicago a few weekends ago, which was lovely, even if in attending we picked up two other weddings to attend later in the summer. That brings the total up to six.

* A combination of the fire, getting sick, getting sick again but a different way, and finally resolving my knee issues has put more of a fuck up dent in my training for the half marathon than I would have liked. I don't want to say that I don't think I'll break two hours, because I hate the feeling like I constantly set goals for myself and then make excuses for why they're unreasonable, but I just don't know.

* Apartment restoration is really getting going, now: Read more... )


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