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Today in, a supposedly not at all fun experience I don’t want to repeat: having your apartment building catch fire.

I woke up around 7:15 to an explosion, followed shortly by the fire alarms going off. K and I grabbed some random stuff and went outside - my building’s alarms go off ALL THE TIME, so we weren’t really sure that it wasn’t just another fake out, until we got downstairs and saw all the smoke coming out of the building. After the fifth fire truck showed up, we decided we weren’t getting back in any time soon (and since it was about 15 degrees this morning), we walked over to a friend’s place nearby to crash for a while. I walked back over after an hour or so to check on things, but they’d sent everyone over the gym at the school across the street, where the Red Cross was checking on everyone and handing out coffee and bagels.

A few hours after THAT, coming back from lunch, I asked a fireman if people were being allowed back in and he said yeah, people were being escorted back in on a conditional basis, so I went in and went super intense anxiety bag lady on everything, like every nightmare about what I would emergency pack if I had to leave in a hurry. When I called my folks, my mom was like, “I’m so glad you’re okay. Did you take your jewelry?” JESUS. (And then, when I went back over a little while ago to talk to the building manager, I went back up to grab a couple things I’d forgotten - power chargers mostly - and did take the damn jewelry, because I promised. MOMS.)

We got so, so lucky: we’re both safe, nothing irreplaceable or even difficult to replace or clean is damaged. It’s just scary.
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