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I feel so behind on everything, all the time. My boss gave me the nicest possible talking-to about my forgetting to send some documents before a meeting he had, but it was still, ugh. After forgetting my debit card while getting coffee (recovered several hours later) and leaving my phone at a restaurant (recovered within the hour), I had a personal come to jesus evaluation with myself, but it still makes me feel like an alien with tunnel vision all the time.

* We went to a wedding in Chicago a few weekends ago, which was lovely, even if in attending we picked up two other weddings to attend later in the summer. That brings the total up to six.

* A combination of the fire, getting sick, getting sick again but a different way, and finally resolving my knee issues has put more of a fuck up dent in my training for the half marathon than I would have liked. I don't want to say that I don't think I'll break two hours, because I hate the feeling like I constantly set goals for myself and then make excuses for why they're unreasonable, but I just don't know.

* Apartment restoration is really getting going, now:
As of about three weeks ago, this is what my apartment looked like:

It now looks more like this:

With some bonus kitchen footage, from the beginning of the week:

and then at the end:

So that's going on!! It is definitely not causing me to re-examine my feelings about physical spaces! They're stripping basically every last thing out of it, so I supposed if exposed cement were a thing that looked nice we'd be all set up. At this rate it's looking like we won't be back for at least another two weeks, which is an extremely conservative (liberal? who knows in this context) estimate since they're going to have to rebuild an entire apartment. It's all a little, you know. Damn.
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