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Jun. 15th, 2013 06:03 pm
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Well, I forgot to upload my medialog for May, which should be a good indicator of how things are going over here! Some updates:

+ Found a short term lease for the fall, since it looks like construction is going to be ongoing for a while. On the one hand it sucks to have to really acknowledge how long it's going to be before we are able to go home, but it's also just really nice to have a bit more stability in the near future. Also, like, man. I love this friend we've been crashing with, but sometimes you just need to be able to walk around in your underwear and not worry about it. So! That's nice.

+ I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday, FINALLYYYYYYY. I was enjoying the soup and rice pudding of it all, but I'm just about ready to go back to CHEWING ON THINGS. Tragically, I think my advice was to wait for slightly longer than 24 hours. Maybe I have super healing powers, DOCTORS (no. no I do not.)

+ I HAVE been using this time to marathon hella tv, which has been pretty nice, although I think I was still a little too high yesterday to appreciate it. I did have enough sense to not attempt Sexy Popes or Hannibal, as I figured between the gauze and the nausea, those would not go super well together.

+ About two weeks ago I went on a tumblr hiatus, which has done WONDERS for my internet stress levels, but has reminded me that I miss the internet circa, like, 2007. Come back to the five and dime, journaling websites! I guess this will be my annual attempt to get back into actually maintaining this page, so let's all enjoy this rollercoaster.


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