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A quarterly update!!

TV UPDATE: I really have no idea what I am going to be watching this year, other than sitcoms (New Girl, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Mindy Project if we ever catch up on it). I've been meaning to pick up Elementary for ages, but other than that….? I think this may be the year I catch up on all the imports I've been meaning to for ages.

WORK UPDATE: hahahhahahah ughhhhhhhhhh. Let me explain. No, there is too much: let me sum up. Before September, my job was hideously stressful all the time, I worked late/weekends quite frequently, it was a nightmare. My boss was a combination of friendly and happy about my work and incredibly demanding - I basically never took lunch breaks because I either needed to finish a project or knew he would probably randomly need me IMMEDIATELY FIRE DRILL TIME during the twenty minutes I happened to be gone. Basically stressful nightmare time! The only time I was really truly inaccessible from work was after I had oral surgery and then had a bad allergic reaction to the antibiotics they gave me that wound up with me having to go to the ER……….on my wedding anniversary. And then went back in the next day, obviously, because I am terrible at setting boundaries.

In September, after some political blah blah at work, I moved departments to do largely the same thing but with some more company-wide stuff, which turned out to be FANTASTIC not just because I had a new amazing boss who set better boundaries for me against my former boss, but also because my former boss suddenly resigned at the end of September with a) no warning and b) no contingency plans, at all. It's still all very murky what actually went down, no one knows why he left or if it was of his own volition or whatever, but his boss was apparently SUPER UPSET about it. I feel pretty weird about it, honestly. It's incredibly freeing to not have him there stressing me out all the time, obviously, but it also feels really shitty. I had been looking at other jobs since July-ish and felt really guilty about it, since if I left there would be basically no one there to run all of his projects. Obviously he's not obligated to me for anything (as the man once said, THAT'S WHAT THE MONEY IS FOR), I guess it just sucks to have stereotypes about the way corporate cultures work proven so thoroughly right. The good news is that I don't feel guilty about applying to different jobs anymore, hey-o.

HOUSING UPDATE: blaaaagh. We're in the process of picking everything out for the restoration, FINALLY, which is exciting but also exhausting. We're probably not going to be back before the end of the year. This mostly stresses me out and makes me sad, and I don't want to think about it anymore!

OTHER: Wedding season is finally over, everyone take a celebratory nap! The final damage was 6 weddings including 10 events attended in 3 states. May I never have a season like this every again, amen.
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