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Top Five Movies I Do Not Want to See This Season

1. The Social Network

Do I really need to elaborate? I want nothing to do with this. I am also already sick of the Sorkin proselytizing, in part because I have zero affectionate nostalgia for his work, and in part because making one (or several) awesome things does not excuse you from making super problematic future things, especially when those future things do all of the exact same problematic shit you have always been doing.

2. It's Kind of a Funny Story

You know what makes a great setting for quirky love stories? Psychiatric institutions. I can only hope that Zach Galifianakis being in like ten movies in the last two years means that the backlash will start soon, because I cannot stand him or his schtick. I saw the trailer for this before Easy A, and it made me furious in two minutes and twenty nine seconds. Effective work, production team!

3. You Again

Hey, you know what would make a really interesting and innovative story for a movie with five female leads? Make it about how much they hate each other! AM I RIGHT.

4. Secretariat

Because it has been just too long since we had a historical piece glamorizing the incredibly awesome and not at all barbaric practice of horse racing. Coming in 2016, Man o' War, the story of how sometimes it takes a teach you how to be human.

5. Yogi Bear

Just...WHY. Unless this movie was actively made to punish children and/or adults, I do not understand anything anymore.

And An Attempt to Balance Things Out: Five Movies I Do Actually Want to See

Black Swan (Dec 1)

I have been well-nigh incoherent about this movie since hearing about it, and the trailer only reinforced that. Ballerinas! Rivals! DKFJDG WHY IS THAT FEATHER DSjfbghfd.

Megamind (Nov 5)

Come on, movie, be charming and funny and not racist against aliens and not fully of Nice Guyisms (and filled with a sweet romantic storyline between Megamind and Roxanne Ritchi). That's not too much to ask out of a movie, is it?

Tangled (Nov 24)

The trailers have been super delightful, even if I am still bitter about the whole "but how will we market to BOYS" business.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Dec 10)

Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace Dragonface!

Unstoppable (Nov 12)

Denzel Washington! Chris Pine! Rosario Dawson! Tony Scott! A veteran railway engineer and a young conductor are pursued by the Rail Tracer battle a runaway train filled with combustibles. This movie is going to be ridiculous and I cannot wait.


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