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Back at my parents' place until the wedding. Where's my comedy-of-errors film about all the weird displacement stresses that take place right before you get married? Scratch that, it can be an added dimension of [personal profile] allchildren and my bestselling romcom, "Bros Getting Married", starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.

There's a weird sort of deja vu to everything. The next three weeks of my life are more tightly planned than my life has been since I graduated high school, on top of being back in all the same places. Tonight K and I had a parking lot picnic before going to a movie. We didn't actually sit on the roof, as used to be customary, but my car is a lot filthier than it used to be, too. I do this thing when I'm bored in the car, sometimes, where I pretend I'm giving a tour of the area (what, like you didn't think I was a nerd?) and soon I will be GIVING THOSE TOURS to MANY PEOPLE. "Look, there's my incredibly quaint town*" I will say, and they will say, "wait, aren't we supposed to be somewhere else already?" and I will say yes, yes we are.

What I actually want to impart is the feelings of things, so that you can understand what I mean when I say I miss the beach I mean biking down every day of the summer going into 8th grade, and having celebratory cookouts after the school year ended in high school, and summer movies, and skinny dipping, and when I point out my middle school, I don't just want to be sharing that, I wish that you could have been there with me, too.

* Ice cream van not pictured.


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