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Happy holidays! What's THIS? I got you a LIST? How exciting!

+ I hope everyone in knitting purgatory is doing okay. Get some cuticle cream for those hands when you're finished maybe?

+ We got some extremely happy news yesterday: my future sister-in-law's husband, who has been waiting for administrative immigration nonsense to be approved for over a year, is finally coming back to the states on the 29th. :DDD

+ Going to the airport soon to pick up my sister, who has apparently thoroughly outdone me in the "homemade gifts" department: she made my mom a wreath made out of wooden stars that she carved herself?? She was texting me that she had to fly with it disassembled, so hopefully she wasn't arrested at security for attempting to smuggle a dozen wooden throwing stars. And two wooden penguins.

+ Then after the airport it's time to decorate the tree, because in my family we don't decorate the tree unless everyone is there, and then I have to drop off some presents. And then continue trying to find a Kindle e-book of the month club for my mom, per my dad's instructions. Okay!

See y'all on the other side.
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One class away from Thanksgiving break, oh goodness! Unlike most other years I can't honestly react in disbelief that it's already almost December because this semester has draggeeeddddddd on for me. Still: it's almost December! That means I'm almost finished forever with school! Ahhh!

To-do list for this week (hubristically optimistic):

- update Mexico draft
- plan research question
- three articles & outside research
- debate research
- plan Christmas presents
- don't forget car appointment and dentist appointment
- holiday cookies
- family time
- respond to holiday posts
- finish Goliath
- finish Cleopatra book
- finish Haymarket book
- catch up on Fringe
- catch up on The Good Wife
- engagement party (not mine)
- finish cover letter
- email R
- vendor shopping
- probably other things I'm forgetting


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