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I am returned from a frozen land to another frozen land! I managed to escape all of the travel delays currently facing much of Europe, thank god, and found out this afternoon that I failed zero classes! Here are some other things I have done this week:

- went to several mid-size Scandanavian countries where I don't speak the language
- wore at least two layers of pants every day
- pondered the age old question when visiting dudes: should I borrow his Old Spice deodorant, or go without?
- remembered that vegetarianism in Europe is really never an easy task
- boggled continuously at Scandanavia's obsession with Texas (no, but seriously)
- didn't fall once on the ice despite zero roads and sidewalks being plowed
- watched some truly terrible subbed American television
- was, despite being in a country with six hours of daylight right now, by far the palest person I encountered
- wandered in an ill-advised fashion through a prison yard, an abandoned train yard, and a barracks (in my defense, we were lost [not a real defense])
- deeply regretted my choice in face soap
- took by far the nicest ferry I have ever encountered and felt like an enormous tourist since everyone else was like, "Ugh, I know, the commuter ferry is so terrible, want another beer?"
- arrived home and slept for seventeen hours

And that was most of my week! I realized I have forgotten what I do with my hands when I'm not under the thumb of school stress, so despite making vague plans to watch Nikita, Fringe, and Secret Garden, I have mostly been sitting around eating cookies, or which I now realize I have run out, so peace!
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Fall Schedule: at least 30% so that I can remember what shows are on what days.

Boardwalk Empire (S)*
Bones (R): please don't make my heart hurt this season, show.
Community (R): please be more like "Modern Warfare" and less like "Pascal's Triangle Revisited," show. Except that one part. Y-you know.
Mad Men (Su): I'm beginning to feel like the fourth season is strangely like Buffy Season Two: plot is a little all over the place, some episodes are wonky, but emotionally speaking, JESUS FUCK, MY HEART.
Nikita* (R)
Outsourced* (R)
The Vampire Diaries (R): show, please just keep adsfjkgh. Are you watching this show yet? Because I love it a whole lot, even more than at the time of that post.
Undercovers (W)

* New! I normally don't watch things right off the bat until I am informed that I am behind the times in not watching them, but these sound awesome/quality/goofy as shit in ways that I find appealing.

Here is a true story: I have never lived by myself. My sister and I never shared rooms when we were growing up, but she was always right across the hallway, and then I went to college and always had at least one roommate, and then after college K and I moved in together. Here is another true story: I am terrible at living by myself. K is out of the country right now for his sister's wedding (PART THREE), and ugh is all I have to say. I don't know what's worse, worrying I am going to turn into Fox Mulder falling asleep on the couch all the time, or not having anyone else to blame for finishing all the soda.


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