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November! I know November is widely regarded as the asshole month of the year, but I actually like it quite a bit more than, say, March (important birthdays notwithstanding) because there is enough impending holiday stuff that I'm super excited for the month.

+ The restoration company has said we will probably be back home before Christmas, which I am trying not to think about too much because I have gotten my hopes up many many times in these 9 months, but I also told my mom that if that happens it's my favorite Christmas present, SORRY EVERYONE ELSE.

+ I'm knitting a sweater for my sister to Christmas, speaking of holidays, and it's going well.......for it being a fair isle sweater and I have only knitted in the base color so far! Ha...ha! It actually looks like a sweater instead of three weird piles now, which I'm counting as definite progress.

+ I am STILL trying to meet my Goodreads goal despite it getting all shirty with me about my having a meltdown this summer:


+ Speaking of projects that are definitely great ideas, I'm rewatching Buffy from the beginning and if there was ever a moment for a Troy Barnes MY EMOTIONS!!! scene, this is it. I'm almost finished with season two, so I'm sure I'll have a 10,000 word essay on that when I finish. MY HEAAAART.
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A quarterly update!!

TV UPDATE: I really have no idea what I am going to be watching this year, other than sitcoms (New Girl, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Mindy Project if we ever catch up on it). I've been meaning to pick up Elementary for ages, but other than that….? I think this may be the year I catch up on all the imports I've been meaning to for ages.

WORK UPDATE: insert jim quote here )

HOUSING UPDATE: blaaaagh. We're in the process of picking everything out for the restoration, FINALLY, which is exciting but also exhausting. We're probably not going to be back before the end of the year. This mostly stresses me out and makes me sad, and I don't want to think about it anymore!

OTHER: Wedding season is finally over, everyone take a celebratory nap! The final damage was 6 weddings including 10 events attended in 3 states. May I never have a season like this every again, amen.

tap tap

Jun. 15th, 2013 06:03 pm
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Well, I forgot to upload my medialog for May, which should be a good indicator of how things are going over here! Some updates:

+ Found a short term lease for the fall, since it looks like construction is going to be ongoing for a while. On the one hand it sucks to have to really acknowledge how long it's going to be before we are able to go home, but it's also just really nice to have a bit more stability in the near future. Also, like, man. I love this friend we've been crashing with, but sometimes you just need to be able to walk around in your underwear and not worry about it. So! That's nice.

+ I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday, FINALLYYYYYYY. I was enjoying the soup and rice pudding of it all, but I'm just about ready to go back to CHEWING ON THINGS. Tragically, I think my advice was to wait for slightly longer than 24 hours. Maybe I have super healing powers, DOCTORS (no. no I do not.)

+ I HAVE been using this time to marathon hella tv, which has been pretty nice, although I think I was still a little too high yesterday to appreciate it. I did have enough sense to not attempt Sexy Popes or Hannibal, as I figured between the gauze and the nausea, those would not go super well together.

+ About two weeks ago I went on a tumblr hiatus, which has done WONDERS for my internet stress levels, but has reminded me that I miss the internet circa, like, 2007. Come back to the five and dime, journaling websites! I guess this will be my annual attempt to get back into actually maintaining this page, so let's all enjoy this rollercoaster.
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I feel so behind on everything, all the time. My boss gave me the nicest possible talking-to about my forgetting to send some documents before a meeting he had, but it was still, ugh. After forgetting my debit card while getting coffee (recovered several hours later) and leaving my phone at a restaurant (recovered within the hour), I had a personal come to jesus evaluation with myself, but it still makes me feel like an alien with tunnel vision all the time.

* We went to a wedding in Chicago a few weekends ago, which was lovely, even if in attending we picked up two other weddings to attend later in the summer. That brings the total up to six.

* A combination of the fire, getting sick, getting sick again but a different way, and finally resolving my knee issues has put more of a fuck up dent in my training for the half marathon than I would have liked. I don't want to say that I don't think I'll break two hours, because I hate the feeling like I constantly set goals for myself and then make excuses for why they're unreasonable, but I just don't know.

* Apartment restoration is really getting going, now: Read more... )
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Today in, a supposedly not at all fun experience I don’t want to repeat: having your apartment building catch fire.

I woke up around 7:15 to an explosion, followed shortly by the fire alarms going off. K and I grabbed some random stuff and went outside - my building’s alarms go off ALL THE TIME, so we weren’t really sure that it wasn’t just another fake out, until we got downstairs and saw all the smoke coming out of the building. After the fifth fire truck showed up, we decided we weren’t getting back in any time soon (and since it was about 15 degrees this morning), we walked over to a friend’s place nearby to crash for a while. I walked back over after an hour or so to check on things, but they’d sent everyone over the gym at the school across the street, where the Red Cross was checking on everyone and handing out coffee and bagels.

A few hours after THAT, coming back from lunch, I asked a fireman if people were being allowed back in and he said yeah, people were being escorted back in on a conditional basis, so I went in and went super intense anxiety bag lady on everything, like every nightmare about what I would emergency pack if I had to leave in a hurry. When I called my folks, my mom was like, “I’m so glad you’re okay. Did you take your jewelry?” JESUS. (And then, when I went back over a little while ago to talk to the building manager, I went back up to grab a couple things I’d forgotten - power chargers mostly - and did take the damn jewelry, because I promised. MOMS.)

We got so, so lucky: we’re both safe, nothing irreplaceable or even difficult to replace or clean is damaged. It’s just scary.
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+ blaaaah, this week: my boss asked that I come in early tomorrow*, which is funny because I was already planning to come in early to finish a project. Double-early on a Monday, awesome stuff.

+ I think I've finally gotten through the section of my Netflix queue where I decided to get into classic movies. I'm excited for whatever the next random phase I was in, I'm guessing about 15 months ago. I'm hoping for a mid-90s renaissance period.

+ My car is slowly but surely falling apart: right now it acknowledges that it has a functioning CD player, like, 30% of the time. Most mornings it plays 20 seconds of a song and then starts skipping so aggressively that I debate pulling over and debate beating it with my shoe, which is nice, because it saves my coffee for until I actually get into the office.

+ Wow, this sounds like a bummer. I actually had a very nice week! Ran 12.5 miles (total)! Last weekend I drove up to Toronto and ate everything, please adopt me, Canadians at large. Bought some incredibly, magnificently hideous plaid shorts in order to psych myself up for spring; it's almost working.

*"I don't want to ask you to come in early, but could you come in at 8?"
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+ I still haven't finished one single thing that I meant to do in January. What's up, 9-5 schedule week day shut down, you're the worst.

+ DC in February: apparently still no joke, winter-wise. Jesus. My poor toes.

+ Suddenly I feel old, part 1: how do I already have 4-5 weddings to go to this year, and as a follow-up, how am I a person who seriously schedules things months in advance, I might as well go ahead and take that wine class already.

+ My Mad Fat Diary is a beautiful, painful treasure.

+ I am going to actually change my bike seat this week! If I say it out loud then it will definitely actually happen! On account of how shame is the only factor my lizard brain acknowledges as motivation!
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One last year end list!

I like how misleading looking October is, if you don't know that I started biking a lot more. No, surprise, I actually swam 77 miles in one month.

My work trip went pretty well, 12+ hours of transit on the return leg due to a blizzard NOTWITHSTANDING. The best ever news: my work nemesis quit! If you're wondering how did I already acquire a work nemesis, other than through the sheer force of my charming personality and the sheer force of his constant need to talk about strippers, I just don't know what to tell you.

So far I have accomplished only one thing on my to-do list for January, even the fun things. Fun things remaining: watch [all the movies], Elementary, finish The Hour (hahaha). The only good thing about work trips is that I end up reading a shit load due to SO MUCH AIRPORT DOWNTIME. I finally finished 1968, which was awesome, but I had been reading it since sometime embarrassing like September.

Let's play a game called: Is this cute, or terrifying?
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Oh hi.

+ On a field trip to get a proper winter coat for [personal profile] allchildren, I got my first pair of running tights and they are amaaaazing. They feel a little like maternity pants, but whatever. I started my running training early this year, because I really want to break 2 hours in the 2013 half marathon, which means mostly 8:30-9:00 miles, which is...not currently in my power. So! I recently extended my long runs into 6 miles, which feels like rediscovering a superpower.

+ A few weeks ago we drove out east for our yearly college friend reunion - the weekend before Sandy hit, natch, because we can't drive east without incurring a hurricane. I don't normally go in for all the "oh, we're so old now" nostalgia stuff, but storm-proofing a house the day after a party, watching my friend not only use power tools but do so with everyone else's approving attention, was deeply bizarre. "No, that's a good idea, you should definitely be in charge of a power drill to do stuff to that air conditioner. I am not at all alarmed that you own this equipment." - everyone, apparently.

+ I knit a sweater! I am going to redo the bottom half/stomach section because it turned out baggy-in-a-bad-way, but I am really into the rest of it. Sweaters! I have this urge to try to design a pattern to make a sweater for my sister, so turn in for the results of that obviously amazing plan.

+ SO THAT ELECTION, EH? I got my Dad Nate Silver's book for his birthday a few weeks ago, because we both* have this bizarre reaction to Silver's calming use of statistics, which is to say it makes us weirdly superstitious.

*um, and everyone else, apparently.

+ This meme, if you want: i want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. something that should be obvious but you have no idea about, or something obscure you just have to know. ask away. all topics, within reason, are open for discussion.
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+ Music: Getting into Of Monsters and Men three months after everyone else.

+ Movies: I watched My Neighbor Totoro for the first time last week. What an amazing warm sweater of a movie.

+TEEVEE: Gravity Falls and Twin Peaks!!! The summer is the best time for the supernatural. I mean, I guess maybe Twin Peaks isn't supernatural yet, or is it??? etc.

+ Miscellaneous: actually going to the early swim hours at the gym. Getting up at 6:15! Voluntarily! Who is this person! Swimming a mile, coincidentally, is also why I am super into:

+ Quaker instant oatmeal (cinnamon and spice) version. mmmm.
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I might, maybe, have a job offer. I'm trying not to jinx it by thinking about it too much, but that is also difficult due to the amount of upheaval it would likely cause. As jobs are wont to do, I suppose. Hobbies I have undertaken in the meanwhile:

* watching cartoons of varying quality
* finding a gym having a free-membership-in-May promotion (hell of a promotion) & joined
* boggling at said gym's tiniest ever pool (THREE LANES!)
* attempting to finish planning a wedding
* helping lots of people move & doing some reactionary cleaning/donating
* emptying out my Netflix queue

So that's me.
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* The last two episodes of New Girl have been absolutely delightful. I can't believe how much I love that show. NOTE: IT IS A LOT, is how much.

* Speaking of things I never thought I'd like: I just finished my second week of Bikram yoga and ohhhh my goodness. I'm totally one of those people now, you guys, I'm sorry, but it's so amazing. After the first session my shoulders hurt for like two days, but they are so much looser now! I still look like I've been through some horrible botched surgery or something in comparison to everyone else during the opening breathing poses, but I'll take what I can get.

(Honestly, during the first session when they tell you to put your hands under your chin and lift your elbows, I started off like, yup, elbows just below the ears, that's how high they go, and I looked over at K in the mirror and his arms were parallel with his head and we both stared at each other in the mirror with twin expressions of What the fuck is up with your arms??? I mean, he has trick elbows, but I'm also broken.)

* I just started reading Assassination Vacation, by Sarah Vowell, and it's really funny, you guys. Way funnier than a book about, uh, presidential assassinations has any right to be. It starts off with an anecdote about her seeing the musical "Assassins" while staying in a quaint New England B&B and goes from there. I can also remember being That Person, creeping people out with how much you love "Assassins," but it's so good, you guys. It's Sondheim! It's about alienation and violence and your relationship with the state! I've never actually seen it performed, but I DO have a recording of it with Victor Garber as John Wilkes Booth.

* How about Sunday's Mad Men, eh?? Jesus H. I haven't found a review of it that expressed adequately how ballsy I found it, but I suppose that's not new either.
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I don't understand the emphasis on living in single-family-units sometimes. I moved so much as a kid and have so many far-flung friends as an adult I would love to have some of them (you) live with me, you know? That's always the saddest part of like, sitcoms, when best friends stop living together because one of them is moving in with their partner. I want my kids to grow up knowing who all these uncles and aunties that I tell them about are! I've told K's brother-in-law for years that we are getting a multi-unit house in Evanston so that we can all live together. I JUST LOVE EVERYONE TOO MUCH. I'M BUYING AN APARTMENT BUILDING AND EVERYONE I LOVE WILL LIVE IN IT.


I finished the second season of Misfits and was consumed with feelings. Tonight's episode of Shameless was probably their best episode ever.
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+ This week I hit two exciting milestones: I have had a normal sleep schedule for over a week, and I have been officially rejected from ten jobs. EXCITING TIMES!

+ The novelty of being unemployed and not having any deadlines is starting to wear off, not surprisingly. I'm trying to keep a better schedule of going to the gym in the afternoons so that I don't feel like a total bum, as well as making myself be social, but, you know. It's hard!

+ I went to History Prom on Friday, aka the formal event hosted by one of the big history centers in the city, and it was delightful. They had a huge dance floor with a ceiling made of twinkle lights! I had the classiest shot of rum I have ever imbibed! Many people commented on my cat-eye! Much less stressful than any of my actual proms, no lie.

+ Other miscellany: I have been watching Misfits, and I love/hate it an awful lot. Party Saab is in the Party Shop getting a new bumper, which has put a damper on my starting some new craft projects. My shoulders have been much better since I instituted the "going swimming more frequently" plan! Confidentially if you saw my last post, I am feeling much better in other regards! I knit a bunch of Swiffer cloths and it made me really happy! The end!
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+ So I forgot until Friday of last week that we were having a house guest this weekend. Surprise!! He's one of the few friends of K's who isn't also a good friend of mine, so it was a little stressful, especially since K kept having to go to basketball games. (He's one of the radio commentators for his university team.) It was fine, though, and we went and did a bunch of touristy things that we'd somehow never gotten around to, like "spot the dinosaur" and "spot the artsy quotes".

JUST KIDDING you can't miss either of those )

+ Job applications, always. :(

+ I finished knitting my mother's birthday present (mittens with owls!), so now I just have to not forget about them in March.

+ I did something to my shoulder the other day while sleeping and it has been sore for like, a week. I know this is a sign that I need to start swimming again to strengthen that shit up, but right now it's just, ugh. ICE PACKS FOR EVERYONE

+ Other things: I am super enjoying New Girl (has anyone seen my GOOD peacoat??)! I cut a lot of hair off the other day and it sort of freaked me out but now I like it. I found some photobooth pictures (like an actual booth, not the program) from several Christmases ago in which I look ADMIRABLY drunk. And possibly in love with my co-photo-star. I won second place (in a seven-way tie) in our Super Bowl prop bet! And was the only one to successfully guess there would be a safety! Okay, fine, it was because we only started filling out the bet sheet when the game started and it was scored so soon only half the people had filled it out and it was disqualified as a category BUT THAT IS A TECHNICALITY.
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Today I redesigned most of my digital spaces, and I am super pleased with all of the results! I've been feeling somewhat cluttered in my actual space, which I am obviously managing by clearing out my gmail and social medias. Good strategy!

I sorted through the books and DVDs earlier in the summer to weed them out (because we currently have four bookshelves in a one-bedroom apartment, and they are all overfull), and recently went through my jewelry box. I'm debating setting up an Etsy or something to list some of it. Have any of you guys had luck doing something similar?

I keep thinking I have big exciting news to impart, but it's mostly just excitement over all the new layouts. And my new desktop picture! )
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1. I applied for a job on Friday that sounds really rad and I really hope I get it, ahhhhh!

2. For the last two weeks I have successfully gotten myself down to one soda a day. One soda! In a whole day! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. This is less about the caffeine and more about the fact that I need to drink liquids that aren't soda.

3. Jasika Nicole is amazing.

4. Dexter this season is ridiculous. Yes, even more than before.

5. Today I unsubscribed from four separate catalogs that I have (a) never ordered from and (b) never requested. SHUT UP, FLOR MAGAZINE, GOD.

6. I started going to the other university pool because it has later hours, and oh my goodness, it is an upgrade in every possible way. Bigger! Brighter! Locker rooms that come with locks! Nicer showers! Actual timing clocks everywhere! Chlorine that isn't the weird off-brand that the other pool uses that smells like nothing I have encountered in 13 years of swimming in pools! Yay!

7. I bought a vest the other day at H&M and while I haven't had the opportunity yet to wear it I'm still pretty psyched.

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An addendum to my previous post: unlike every other period of schooling my adult or semi-adult life, I am overall quite happy, despite periods of extreme stress. So despite all evidence to the contrary, I'm doing pretty okay. I am not enthused about today and tomorrow's amount of work, but here are some things to get me (and you!) through them:

+ THE CONCERNS OF MINDY KALING. I'm so excited it's a little gross.

+ two episodes of Fringe to watch when I'm finished with class on Thursday!

+ THREE episodes of Downton Abbey to watch when I'm finished with class on Thursday!

+ And PNR right after!

+ Planning a Halloween party. COSTUME SUGGESTIONS? I'm kind of leaning toward Velma Dinkley right now.

+ Pandora's "Skinny Love" radio station being a team player this week.

+ My application to graduate was accepted!! I gave them a check for the $15 graduation fee because LOL OF FUCKING COURSE! Pending my passing all three classes this fall, I graduate in December!! :DDDDDDDD

+ I'm undecided about walking in May, but K really wants me to, so we'll see. (I probably will.)

+ This is just a very good essay (series of essays?): A Unified Theory of Orgasm. It is pretty explicit and probably not your best work reading.

+ I have been swimming more lately and it just makes me happy! Even if, on Monday, I spite-swam an ill-advised 50 butterfly because the girls in the lane next to me were doing incredibly pointless butterfly "training" exercises and talking about how much better the exercises were than the actual stroke, and because I am an adult who makes rational and mature choices.
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Yes, it is an actual update! I mean, "actual," since we're going with bullet points aw yeah.

+ This is the fourth week of my final semester! I sent an email to my graduation advisor, so hopefully turning in my application will go smoothly and I won't find out that there's some last-minute thing I didn't do (MY GREATEST FEAR). I'm taking 12 credits this semester, but two of those classes are electives, so it's pretty fun! I mean, I say fun now, when we haven't had any assignments due yet. Ha ha?

+ Was school the only thing I had to talk about? Jeez, I hope not. My nascent attempts to get a knitting circle off the ground are...nascent, we were supposed to meet tomorrow but that might get postponed until the weekend. This may end up being for the better, since a) I don't actually know what project I will bring (my crocheting! Okay, I do know); b) we can attempt to draft in more people; c) there's a concert (the CMU Philharmonic) tomorrow night that I was thinking about attending. SELF-DATE, let's go! My last self-date was to see Our Idiot Brother and it was the best date ever.

+ So many shows coming back! What are you watching?

Sunday: Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, Pan Am*
Monday: The Playboy Club*
Thursday: Parks and Recreation, Up All Night*
Friday: Fringe, Nikita

* We'll see. I liked Up All Night's pilot pretty well, and I really like all three leads, so we'll see how that goes. Comedy about married couples that isn't about how much they secretly hate each other?? IT WILL NEVER LAST, I say!

+ Instant DS9, so soon!

+ Corduroy weather! Yes!

+ I just really love the fall.

+ Scott Westerfeld's Goliath comes out tomorrow and I'm so excited I might pee! I have too much work to do to get it until this weekend (because if I buy it OBVIOUSLY I AM GOING TO READ IT ALL, come on, it's like you don't even know me), but aaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.
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* This past weekend I went on a customary summer East Coast tour, this time with a visit to college friends (just typing that sentence made me feel old). I imagine it's strange visiting your old campus under any circumstances, but it feels particularly odd in New York when things change so aggressively quickly: my dorm of two years is no longer a dorm! The diner where we spent most of spring semester senior year, gone! The Strand's Financial District annex, gone! The Starbucks where that nun yelled at me - no, that is still there. Anyway. It was rad and nostalgic and mostly worth slogging around in the storms in entirely porous shoes with my rusty umbrella.

* Those of you of my acquaintance who are crochetters: is it terribly tacky to crochet a whole blanket in single crochet? I like the way it looks, though not as much as some of the actual patterns I've seen, but those are so haaaard and I don't understand them!! UGH FINE I WILL LOOK AT THEM SOME MORE, god, you're so bossy.

* Have you watched The Hour yet? You should watch The Hour.

* HAPPY BIRTHDAY [identity profile]!!!


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