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Summer is the best time for getting obsessed with a new (to you) book series, isn't it? I have fond memories of curling up with the first Harry Potter book when my parents got it for me for Christmas, but all the real marathons took place holed up somewhere with popsicles or iced tea.

Great summer obsessions of the past have included:

- the Wizard of OZ series
- Nancy Drew series
- Redwall (for like four consecutive summers, holla)
- Tortall (Alanna and Wild Magic series)
- Josephine Bonaparte series

Had I had a better library as a kid, I'm sure Terry Pratchett and Diana Wynne Jones would have been amazing for this. This summer so far I've been getting into some true crime (starting with The Bling Ring, natch). So what are/were yours? Are they worth checking out again?
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I've been kind of curious about something since [personal profile] cleolinda off-handedly mentioned it in a Twilight post, the exact one of which escapes my memory, but TO THAT END, what would you consider to be the biggest (in terms of gross) (and not necessarily scifi/fantasy) film series of all time (OF ALL TIME)? Out of the following, are there ones that you would consider ill-suited, or ones that are an oversight not to include?

1. Twilight series
2. Harry Potter series
3. Star Wars series
4. Pirates of the Caribbean series
5. James Bond series
6. Matrix trilogy
7. Extant Narnia films

(I'll explain later. [Probably.])


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