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We're now two episodes from the end of this season of Skins, and I have still to wrap my head around it. There has been in the past a certain level of tonal or thematic disconnect from generation to generation, but moreso than any other past transition I feel like this is an entirely different show. I enjoyed the first generation (particularly season two, up until now my favorite) but with significant hesitations (some of which I've mentioned previously), and I didn't really love most of the characters. Some of them feel more like ciphers than real, beating hearts. And then there's the second generation, which, my god. I superedited both seasons for a reason, you know? What an absolute mess of two seasons those were. Offensively terrible (and just offensive in stretches), and yet somehow still sublimely great in other patches? To anyone I know that has expressed interest in watching the previous seasons due to my affection of the show, I give serious caveats about the second generation, because seriously, it's enough to drive you away from the show.

And indeed, I was pretty committed to abstaining from this generation*, until I saw some of the promos. And then [personal profile] allchildren told me Dakota Blue Richards was going to be involved. And...what can I say, I'm pretty easy. And now I have watched and loved every episode so far this season...?

spoilers for extant season )


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