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Remember that thing where [personal profile] allchildren, [identity profile], and I are rewatching The X-Files? That's still going on! I know that for a lot of people, season two ranks highly when compared to the rest of the seasons. I am not one of those people! Before this rewatch, I would have probably put it on par with season one: somewhat uneven, still getting its bearings, but with a lot of really well executed episodes. At this juncture, I am not so generous!

Don't let the Fiji mermaids bite. )
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Come, friends, join me: earlier this summer [personal profile] allchildren, [identity profile], and myself embarked on a quest to rewatch The X-Files. It has been hilarious and arduous, and filled with unbelievable nostalgia and timewarps to 1993. I had many (so many) feelings, and I have handily compiled my relevant thoughts on the first season episodes we watched! We skipped seven episodes due failures in quality or some other regard. There are also spoilers, both for the first season and for events in later seasons.

The following story is inspired by actual documented events. )
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So, my rewatch of the first season of The X-Files (and a sizeable chunk of season two) has been accomplished with the excellent company of [identity profile] and [personal profile] allchildren! I am in the process of writing up a larger reaction post, because if there anything I like better than lists and evaluation, I haven’t yet found it, but one of the things that kept coming up in my opinions was how I have changed in my feelings regarding horror, especially as regards two particular MOTW, and why some things still bother me much more than others.

Spoilers for 1x03, 1x21, 2x13, and brief mention of 7x07. Also, wow, that was a lot more feelings than I thought I had. )


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